Save A Girl Child ... Because they are special

Our People

Advisory Board

The Advisory Team for Save A Girl Child campaign is entrusted with the critical responsibility of providing guidance on issues related to strategy, operations, execution and implementation. The following is a summary introduction of the members of the Advisory Team:

Omar H. Ali, Ph.D. - Advisor – Strategy and Practice

Omar Ali is a historian who has worked with a variety of innovative educational programs in the United States that support social development through the use of performance. He is an assistant professor of history at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also a long-time contributor to the All Stars Project, which runs a series of inner-city youth cultural and educational programs in the U.S. An honors graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, he received his doctorate from Columbia University in political history. Originally from Peru, Dr. Ali is of South American and East Indian descent. He has been an invited speaker at a number of universities, including Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, and Yale. He is the author of Black Populism in the New South and a contributing author to History in Dispute: American Social and Political Movements, 1945-2000.

Pritika Chatterjee - Executive Advisor – Welfare and Development

Pritika Chatterjee is the first woman in her family to have stepped outside her community, to leave India and to establish a career - as a mental health professional and and as an International Civil Servant at the United Nations Population Fund. She spent seven years working in the not for profit sector in New Delhi, India and also worked as a child psychologist /counsellor. She has worked in USA for 4 years partly as a psychiatric research associate and then with UNFPA in New York managing HIV prvention and peer education projects in the Middle East and North Africa. "I am resolved to create effective interventions for the uneducated and illiterate, particularly girls," says Priitika. Currently Priitika is pursuing a Ph. D. at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The Core Team

The Core Team for Save A Girl Child campaign is the body entrusted with the strategy, expansion, operations and practices of this venture. The members of this Core Team are introduced here:

Naushard Cader- Executive Director - Strategic Initiatives and Alliances

Naushard Cader is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has several years of accounting, auditing and consultancy experience in serving national and multinational companies in variety of industries and Not-for-profit organizations. Naushard believes in creating positive educational system and sustainable economic development to fight extreme poverty around the world. A co-founder of Child Literacy and Save A Girl Child Campaign, Naushard supports overall organizational objectives and leads Strategic Initiatives, Expansion and Alliances. He currently lives and works in New York.

Anupam Satyasheel - Executive Director - Global Strategy and Practice

Anupam Satyasheel is an alumnus of New York University and London Business School. In his diverse roles in the fields of Finance, he has created immense value for several organizations across the globe. Anupam is widely recognized as an innovative business thinker whose lateral solution finding skills have helped optimize the available resources. His passion for child education is a direct outcome of his experiences during his initial years of struggle. Anupam could not get any primary education because of his underprivileged circumstances and later on funded his college education. An ardent supporter of social equality and universal education, Anupam has played a key role in setting strategy and direction for Save A Girl Child.

Besa Kosova - Director - Development

Besa Kosova is passionate for solving the problem of girl child. Besa is a firm believer that there is no better gift to a girl child than the gift of education. In addition to being a member of the Core Team for Save A Girl Child, she serves as a Director with Child literacy, and also founded My One School, a non-profit organization, which uses books to promote literacy globally. In addition, she is majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida.

Abhiram Jaisheel - Regional Director - East India

Abhiram Jaisheel is a dedicated promoter of social welfare. He is a writer and a poet and an advocate of social equality, universal education, protection and promotion of underprivileged. He has written features for many reputed Hindi magazine in India including Kadambini and Sarita. He was invited to recite his poems and writings in different stations of All India Radio. He has dedicated his life to the cause of Save A Girl Child. He has traveled all over India generating support for this noble mission. Committed, dedicated, determined and resolved, Abhiram has accomplished some remarkable objectives for Save A Girl Child.

Shuchi Vandana - Regional Director - North India

Shuchi Vandana has been very active in rescuing girls from street in New Delhi and in creating opportunities to live a normal life. She feels very strongly about the plight of girl children who migrate from small towns and villages or are brought forcibly into metros in India for various forms of trafficking. Shuchi has been continously striving to provide opportunities, shelter and education to such children. Her focus, dedication and energy has been central to the operations of Save A Girl Child in North India where she has helped over 1,000 children over last 3 years.